Getting Started

I’m Emily.

I’m nineteen years old and attend the University of Central Florida, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, a program where I pick multiple areas (humanities, political science, and nonprofit management) and integrate them. In the future, I want to work at either a cultural nonprofit like a museum or a more political issue-driven organization.

I first had the idea to start a blog about museums a couple of years ago, after my sophomore year of high school while I was volunteering and working at summer camps. Well… it never really got going, save for a few #MuseumWeek tweets and pictures of exhibits. I drafted posts, I went on lots of museum trips, I even made social media accounts. But I think I was worried about creating content that would be excellent and cohesive or something when I had a million ideas. Now I’m back, more focused but also just with less concern for making this so official, because trying to get it perfect right out of the gate means I may never begin. I’ll be posting about museums, theory and history, exhibits, artists, my life… we’ll see. The semester just ended and now I have more time to write. Welcome to my site!


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