Quick Note: Museum Membership

One of my recent posts was all about discounts on admission and mentioned the North American Reciprocal Museum Association, which gives you access to over 800 institutions just by buying a membership at one of them, preferably wherever you can get the best deal.

The Harn Museum at the University of Florida now offers free admission- which includes NARM, ROAM, and CUAM access. THAT MEANS HUNDREDS OF MUSEUMS FOR FREE! Check it out here.  Essentially a digital membership card is free, you can support the museum separately, and the reciprocal benefits were provided by a donor.


Disney and Dali


I finally visited the Dali in St. Pete to see “Disney and Dali: Architects of the Imagination” and it was awesome. I did not take any photos within the exhibit (not allowed) or in the other rooms but it was excellently done and put forth lots of parallels between the artists/ friends, as well as screened the short film that began their collaboration but was only more recently finished, Destino. There was also a virtual reality experience where you put on a headset/ headphones and travel through a surreal landscape made of images from Dali’s work. Enter a tower to be greeted by a ringing lobster phone; walk underneath stick-limbed elephants trumpeting high above you; find a family sitting on the desert sands. The design of the exhibit was great, and I especially liked the use of animation and film clips throughout, but I admit the VR was my favorite part!

You should definitely go and try the VR, although you can check out the 360 video from your home computer or mobile here as well.

And no matter what the current exhibit is, their permanent works are wonderful. The building itself is also a really amazing piece of architecture and there’s cool things to see in the garden as well, like sculptures, a wish tree to tie your admission wristband to, and a hedge labyrinth.

I suppose this is more of a mini-review than information about the similarities and relationship between Disney and Dali… for that, you’ll have to visit yourself. Thursday nights are a great time to go because the museum is open late with $10 admission as opposed to the usual $24 for adults.